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Many people pay for disability insurance coverage in case they suffer from a severe disability or disease.  However, it is often difficult to get the insurance companies to pay you benefits under your long term disability care policy. It is important that you have the help of an experienced, aggressive long term disability insurance attorney to get you the coverage you need and deserve.

What is Long-Term Disability?

Most of the time, your insurance policy will define what long-term disability is and when you are entitled to benefits. Many long term disability benefits policies also are subject to change. However, there are many common long term disabilities:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic syndromes
  • Brain injuries
  • Psychological or cognitive disabilities

There are many other types of qualifying disabilities and speaking with an experienced long term disability lawyer can help you determine the best course of action.

ERISA Law and Long-Term Disability

Federal ERISA long term disability insurance laws are not very friendly against individuals and heavily favor insurance companies.  Additionally, your long-term disability policy might be very complex and it can be hard to understand when you are entitled to coverage.   If your insurance company does not pay your long term disability coverage, an experienced ERISA lawyer can help you get the benefits you deserve and should have received under your long term disability care policy.

Why You Need a Lon Term Disability Insurance Lawyer

Long term disability insurance policies are usually very complex and hard to understand.  In addition, they are often subject to change and written to benefit the insurance company.  ERISA laws are also complicated and favor the insurance companies.  An experienced long term disability care attorney can help you navigate the complex laws.  We can help you understand your insurance policy, understand ERISA laws, help with the claims and denial process, and fight for your rights through filing claims against your insurance company, if necessary.

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